Who Am I?


I’m Deborah. I am married to a retired US Marine and we have 3 wonderful children!  I’ve been a homeschooling mom for the last 14 years. I am a competitive bodybuilder, avid reader, and book editor. As a family we lived in Japan for 6 years, and we love cuisine from around the world. 

I would never have considered myself an athlete, but I have been working out since I was young. It wasn’t until I attended college that I realized nutrition played an important role in our health and development. I also didn’t realize that I ate differently than most growing up. I can remember being so excited to see Lucky Charms on the breakfast table daily at the Naval Academy, and for a year, I ate them. I quickly began to see some changes in my body, but the biggest change was 2 inches of height.,

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Why I Do What I Do…

It wasn’t until I began to struggle with my health that I really understood the impact of food and quality of living. I realized quickly that herbs, whole foods, and nutrient-rich foods were the key to not only improving my quality of life but also reversing damage or maintaining where I was. 

When I saw the changes healthy choices had on my health, I began to share what I learned through teaching Yoga. We talked about the mind-body connection of exercise and the management of hormones. I began to share how food choices also made a difference that exercises alone could not!

Eventually, I began to support women and see them successfully transform their lives and the lives of their families through the changes they made.

That’s why I decided to create a coaching program that helps busy women use simple strategies to control of their lives and put their best selves forward.

Education + Certifications

Ignited Life Coach

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

Precision Nutrition Coach (Lvl 1)

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